Secretary Script

Good morning and welcome to the Sunday Meeting of Recovering Couples Anonymous of Santa Cruz. My name is ________ and I’m in recovery with ______. Would you please join me in a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer?  In our group the Serenity Prayer uses the words ‘we’ and ‘us’.

May we have the PREAMBLE? (p 50)

May we have HOW IT WORKS? (p 51)

May we have the 12 STEPS? (p 52)

May we have WHAT AN ORDER? (p 54)

May we have the 12 TRADITIONS?  (Except on the 1st meeting of the month at which we read only the tradition corresponding to the month). (p 56)

May we have the SAFETY GUIDELINES? (p 55)

RCA Announcements:

Literature is on the table. Copies of the RCA big book are $19.95. Most everything else is free.

Is anyone attending their first, second or third RCA meeting? If so, please tell us your first name so we can become acquainted after the meeting. (Secretary Couple:  pass a newcomer brochure around for all to write their names and phone numbers. Give newcomer chips to new couples).

We recognize RCA couple birthdays at the first meeting of every month. (At the first meeting of the month hand out chips for 3 months, 6, months and annual couple birthdays. Applause.)

Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves. I’m ______ and in recovery with _____.

This meeting follows a rotating format of:

Today’s meeting will be a ____meeting.  May we have a volunteer timekeeper? Thanks ___.

Meditation for 5 minutes.

Please try to keep your sharing to __ (3-5 minutes, secretary couple decision depending on group size) per person in order to allow as many couples as possible to share. The timekeeper will signal you when you have 1 minute remaining which will allow you time to wrap up your share. The last 10 minutes are set aside for newcomers to share. If you wish to share at any other time during the meeting, please do so. Feel free to pass if you do not wish to speak.

Crosstalk Reminder: During our shares we focus on our own experiences in our couple and individual recovery, even if it was evoked by another person’s share. Please refrain from;

 The only exception is that individuals with a coupleship may choose to address each other at meeting level. Our goal is to create a safe environment in which every share receives the respectful attention of the group. The meeting is now open for couples to share. Feel free to share about the topic or whatever is relevant for you today.

 End of Sharing at approximately 11:55am

The 7th Tradition reminds us that we are self-supporting through our own contributions. We ask that you donate only as you can. Donations are used for literature, meeting and general expenses.

In this group we develop a closeness between couples. It is our hope that if you have been coming on a regular basis and for some reason are no longer able to attend RCA, that you will come to a final meeting and make closure. Newcomers, feel free to ask questions after the meeting.

May we have the PROMISES? (p 59)

Brief gratitudes

End with the Unity Prayer (p 60)